Lost and Found Zane Prickett, 6 Apr 2014

The exploration industry in Australia generates a lot of data. So it's no surprise that some of it gets lost. From seismic navigation data to well cuttings, things do end up under a desk, in a forgotten storage unit, or transferred to another company with little or no documentation. We are all familiar with the routine phone calls from friends and colleagues in the industry that are on the hunt for data that you may know something about. Well, we thought we might try and connect those in need with those in the know by creating this regular column of lost and found.

If you see something that is lost in the list below - do the industry a favour and tell us where the data is!

  • Step 1 - We will list data here that is currently being looked for by industry to assist in exploration programmes, research, academic studies etc.

  • Step 2 - You review the list and reminisce about your days as an observer on that survey, or on that rig etc, and then have that light bulb go on when you remember where that data is.

  • Step 3 - We are always on the lookout for lost data to find and share with the world. If you might have some feel free to submit it and we can help your theory, or if more advanced, the exact whereabouts of the data

  • Step 4 - Feel good about being a hero!

April 2014 Lost Data Listing

This quarter's focus is on seismic surveys in and around Western Australia and the Canning Basin.

Think you might have it?

If you have found it or interested in more information, click here

Survey Name Data Requested Country State Basin
Fitzroy Basin 1982 - Phase 3 Field Data & Obs Log for Line
ED82-204, ED82-206, ED82-215, ED82-217, ED82-218
Australia WA Canning
Carribuddy CanningObs Log and Survey Note for Line ED80-523 Australia WA Canning
Erskine 1981 Obs Log and Survey Note for Line
W81-07, W81-07A, W81-12, W81-15, W81-16
Australia WA Canning
Nambeet 1981 Obs Log and Survey Note for Line
P81-532, P81-532E, P81-534, P81-542, P81-545
Australia WA Canning
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