AAPG Asia Pacific 23 May 2014

AAPG/MGS Conference on Tectonic Evolution of Myanmar and its Basin Development with Special References to its Petroleum Occurrences

14-15 August 2014 Yangon, Myanmar

Join AAPG’s first event in Myanmar. Working with the Myanmar Geosciences Society, AAPG is convening a conference where attendees may improve their understanding of Myanmar tectonic history and basin development.

The event brings together experts from Myanmar and around the world to dive into the details of basin-development that have led to a number of petroleum systems: from the oil-rich Central Burma Basin, to the biogenic gas of the Rakhine Basin and the wet gas of the Moattama Basin.

Sessions will cover:

  • Overview on Geological Setting of the Myanmar Region
  • Petroleum Prospectivity of the Basins of the Andaman Sea
  • Geological Evolution and Petroleum Occurrences of Onshore Myanmar
  • Basins and Petroleum Prospectivity of Offshore Rakhine Basin and Bengal Fan Basin

Contact: Martin Bawden, tel: +65 92997359 or Adrienne Pereira, Tel: +65 96536728
Event website: Myanmar
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